Re: locale/spell checking

On 2003.04.29 12:04, M. Thielker wrote:
> Hi,
> On 2003.04.29 01:17 Simon Brown wrote:
>> what to call it. How about English (UK) and English (USA) I'm 
>> guessing that'd offend the smallest amount of people?
> IIRC there was discussion about this before. The tenor was that there 
> is only one "proper" English, which is American English. Well, pretty 
> one-sided, but that's what I remember.

IMO, having British English and American English as options is 
completely acceptable.

There is one problem with the list as we have it now: the languages are 
sorted alphabetically when C locale is used but the order is not so 
obvious any more. I think the best option would be to sort the list on 
run-time, or select the language from a list similar to the list of 
identities. Opinions?

> For me, there would be no need for spell checking in any application 
> and I would much rather not have the trouble of getting and 
> installing the libs and dictionaries, breaking other apps in the 
> process.
> Would it be hard to make the spell checking a compile time option?

I think it is not *too* hard.


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