Re: IMAP-problems

On 04/24/2003, Darko Obradovic wrote:
[ snip ]
> The other minor thing is that the IMAP-tree is always folded when 
> starting balsa. this is quite annoying when it's my only folder at  
> all, and even if it contains subfolders I have to unfold as well by 
> hand. An option "open on launch" would be cool for an IMAP-folder. I 
> looked through the file creating the folder-pane on the left, and 
> it's full of GTK-TREE-VIEWs, but I couldn't find out what causes 
> local folders to be expanded and IMAP-folders to remain folded.

The expanded/collapsed state of the mailbox tree is now handled in a 
new way (code in cvs).  It uses the mailbox view to remember which 
mailboxes are exposed, and restores the state of the tree on startup.  
The ".expanded" files are no longer used, so the mechanism works on 
IMAP folder trees as well as local directories.


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