Re: mb-list (fixed-size)

Am Don 01 Mai 2003 16:26:33 CEST schrieb(en) Peter Bloomfield:
> On 05/01/2003, wrote:
>> the mblist (TreeView for mail-folders) will use fixed size for the
>> column. If somewhere have only short column-description and a small
>> window-size, then he can't see all column (e.g. 600x800 pixel).
> I like the idea of getting Balsa out of the business of messing with 
> widgets, and letting them do the best job they can of showing too 
> much info in too little space!  Having the count columns pushed out 
> of sight because I punched down into a deep part of the tree is a bit 
> disconcerting, however--I believe I can live with it, but I'd be 
> interested in seeing other folks' reactions.

I have make some screenshots,
(a) shown balsa-folder-tree with the patch and with short german headers
(c) shown balsa with short geman headers an without the patch

All sreenshots shown folder with minimal size (without horiz. 

Also you will see a new icon-set, I will send it, if the set is 
bye, Heiko



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