Betreff: some devel-questions


GConf is easy to use, especially on single variables or strings.
The question is, it is a good idea to port balsa to GConf?

(If I understand GConf correct, then GConf provide a diff between
local settings, system-settings and user-definde-setting. If I
work on two PCs, so every PC can have other fonts (this is system-deps)
but my email-account is the same (user-settings) - so, if we use
GConf with balsa, we should split conf-data in this parts.)

GConf provide (with easy to use)
data_type = {int, float, bool, string, list, pair}
- list is from type GSList* 
- every hash, you can store as serial string.

If I look inside my own '${HOME}/.gnome2/balsa' I see only
simple value with the form
this you can easy make with GConf, or have I forgot some importents.



An code-example:

/* src/main.c  main(...) */
GConfClient *gconf;
gconf = gconf_client_get_default ();
gconf_client_add_dir(gconf, "/apps/balsa", 
read_gconf_date(... , gconf);

/* create main-windows */

/* exit-code */
gconf_client_remove_dir (gconf, "/apps/keyman", NULL);
g_object_unref (gconf);
} /* end main(..) */

void read_gconf_date(... , GConfClient * gconf) {
  gboolean value1;
  gint     value2;
  gchar   *value3;
  value1 = gconf_client_get_bool  ( gconf, "/apps/balsa/value1", NULL);
  value2 = gconf_client_get_int   ( gconf, "/apps/balsa/value2", NULL);
  value3 = gconf_client_get_string( gconf, "/apps/balsa/value3", NULL);

void write_gconf_data(... , GConfClient * gconf) {
  gconf_client_set_bool(gconf, "/apps/balsa/value1", value1, NULL);
  gconf_client_set_int (gconf, "/apps/balsa/value2", value2, NULL);
  gconf_client_set_string(gconf, "/apps/balsa/value2", value3, NULL);

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