Re: Betreff: some devel-questions

Am 2003.05.01 14:40 schrieb(en)
   > Hi
   >   > GConf is easy to use, especially on single variables or strings.
   > The question is, it is a good idea to port balsa to GConf?
   >   > (If I understand GConf correct, then GConf provide a diff between
   > local settings, system-settings and user-definde-setting. If I
   > work on two PCs, so every PC can have other fonts (this is 
   > but my email-account is the same (user-settings) - so, if we use
   > GConf with balsa, we should split conf-data in this parts.)

I can't really follow you here...
Sure you have to arrange all the keys in a senseful way in different 
folders (directories) under /apps/balsa but what do you mean with split?

It's enough if there are

/apps/balsa/Mails (for things like forwarding and such...)

with perhaps other dirs there...
 From what I've learned in [1] you are able to make every key only 
readable and to distribute every key with another plugin (and that way to 
have network-wide unchangeable presets)


Just my 0,0000002 ct :-)


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