Re: Compose window options

On 03/12/2003, M. Thielker wrote:
> Hi,
> On 2003.03.12 20:00 Steffen Klemer wrote:
>> Why do you want "Send Button Queues msg"?
>> There is "Queue" right under "File" and I think this is enough...
>> If you want to queue from the keyboard you can use atl+q and for the 
>> toolbar there is an matching item to add (at least I think so...)
> because in some setups, it's _always_ needed. So it should be a pref, 
> other than MDN and sign/encrypt.
> Melanie

How about this:
- MDN and format=flowed in the Options menu (initially FALSE and TRUE, 
respectively, for each message), but nothing in the prefs;
- `Send button always queues outgoing mail in outbox'  in the prefs (as 
now), but not in the Options menu.

Or does someone have a pressing need for a per-message override of the 
send/queue action of the `Send' button?


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