Re: Compose window options

On 2003.03.12 12:53, Peter Bloomfield wrote:
> On 03/12/2003, wrote:
>> > I propose that we change the other items to behave in this way.
>> > Comments?
>> I would like to support this. I think, however, there should not be a
>> global pref for the MDN, as it is some kind of "special" operation not
>> used on a regular basis, like signing or encryption. So if
>> sign/encrypt would be included (I unfortunately had almost zero
>> feedback for my gpg patch yet :-((, it should also behave like this.
>> Just my  0.01...
> Sorry, I forgot to mention that: the MDN item would be initialized as 
> FALSE; otherwise, we'd have to add another entry somewhere in the prefs 
> pages.  Iirc, having the `format=flowed' item initialized as TRUE and 
> pulling the global pref was also mentioned in the thread about slimming 
> down Balsa's many prefs.  Then, the only item initialized from prefs 
> would be `Send Button Queues This Message'... Peter

Why do you want "Send Button Queues msg"?
There is "Queue" right under "File" and I think this is enough...
If you want to queue from the keyboard you can use atl+q and for the 
toolbar there is an matching item to add (at least I think so...)


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