Re: Mispelling in balsa.pot

On 03/11/2003, Christopher Culver wrote:
> This is a minor bug, a nitpick really, but it's quick to fix. In 
> Balsa 2.0.9 in balsa.pot, line 2409, there is the following text:
> Mailbox \"%s\" is used by balsa and I cannot remove it.\n
> Everywhere else the program is referred to as "Balsa" (uppercase), so 
> for consistency's sake it's worth changing it here. Could one of the 
> developers fix this in CVS if it's still there?
> I found this while translating the program into Esperanto, hopefully 
> I can send the eo.po to the developer responsible within the week.
> Christopher Culver

The original string in src/mailbox-conf.c is now fixed in cvs.


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