Re: Sv: PGP signing/decoding problem

Am 23.06.03 20:52 schrieb(en) Niklas Höglund:
> This was what I suggested.  Maybe there could be more colors.  Orange or 
> yellow could mean that the signature is correct, but not from a known 
> key (signed by trusted parties, or however it is done).

A patch for that is almost ready, stay tuned...

> It is probably a good idea to make sure the fetch happens in the 
> background, somehow, as keyservers can sometimes be quite slow.

The current solution uses fork'n'exec (through g_spawn_async_with_pipes) 
to run gpg which is completely in background and will never block balsa. 
As soon as the process returns, a dialog will pop up and display gpg's 
output. Not a nice solution, as I mentioned before, but at least it works.

As for gpa/seahorse, calling it (if it will be possible in the future) 
will also not block balsa, but of course the people writing the code there 
should take care of it...



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