Re: Balsa and Rubrica cooperation

Am 20.06.2003 20:51 schrieb(en) Albrecht Dreß:
> And the german xlation seems to be widely broken, as all national 
> chars are missing (wrongly coded? I get *tons* of pango errors), so I 
> always use the posix locale.

That was true for most apps which got ported to GTK2, including balsa-
2.0.3 ;) A word gets cut whenever a special-char (utf8-nultibyte?) 
should appear.
Don't know if that's wrong string-type in the app or non-utf8 po-files, 
I'm a user and only know the symptoms... Should be easy to fix however.

Back to topic:
At least for the web-browser you should consider using the Gnome-
Handler. It sounds like you are fixed on mozilla. And is there a mail-
handler in Gnome? There's none in prefs at least.



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