Balsa and Rubrica cooperation


My name's Nicola Fragale

few days ago, Carlos Morgado begun a thread about the balsa and rubrica
( ),
and ask to me my 2 cents.

So I'm writing to the list to explain what is Rubrica, what I'm doing
now, what I will do.

Fist, rubrica is an italian word (I'm italian) and his meaning is
addressbook. You can see screenshots at rubrica home page

Rubrica features:
* Rubrica can manage multiple addressbooks at sime time, store his data
in a xml file, can import Netscape and Mozilla csv files, can import
VCard files (file forma used by GnomeCard, Kaddressbook, Balsa, Kmail).
Can export addressbooks to VCard, HTML, txt.  More file format can be
easily added, thanks to xml.

* Rubrica don't manage only addresses, I'm working on an account
features. This is the idea: I've some internet account, I've joined some
services, so I need to remember the url, a description of site and
naturally the login/password pair. So I'm working to this account list.
Data added here will be crypted.

* Data managed by addressbook are:
Personal information (first name, last name, profession, address, etc),
emals and urls, telephone numbers, company information (company where
contact works, infos about company), contact work (department, etc),
notes (contact hobbies, his public key, notes about his family,

* Rubrica is available in sorce and binary package, I build rpm package,
rubrica is available as Debian package and FreeBSD port.

What I'm working now (my devel release):
I'm redrawing gui according to HIG, for more gui I'm using Glade. I'm
redrawing preferences dialog, card form, account form. I'm adding font
support. Users will be able to show cards data using two font, one for
the data description, one for data. User can click on url and email. Now
when an url is clicked Mozilla (browser) is run, if an email address is
clicked then Mozilla (emailer) is run. I'm rewriting rubrica core, to
have the opportunity to manage other data in an easy way. I'm thinking
to add a notebook like document (naturally the addressbooks are the
first document, other are added like plug-in)

I want add support for ldif, and pine's addressbooks. I will add print
features, using gnome libraries and/or using fop, print addresses data
in pdf. I'va planned to expand emailer/browser that can called clicking
an uri, will add support to popt, so an external program can call
rubrica. Will add to file selection a popup menu to choose the file
format to save/load addressbooks. And others...

Well I hope this email can help in discussion, and I want to apologize
for my bad english


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