Re : [BUG+FIX] attaching text files with 8-bit characters broken in 2.0.11

On 2003.06.12 13:37, Albrecht Dreß wrote:
> When a text file containing 8-bit characters is attached in balsa 
> 2.0.11, the content type of the atttachment will be text/something 
> with the charset parameter set to "UTF-8". Unfortunately, the 
> character conversion applied is somehow broken, resulting in an 
> attachment which can not be
> converted back to a e.g. iso8859 charset (to reproduce this, create a 
> small text file in an editor containing some 8-bit chars, send it to 
> yourself, save the result and try using iconv to convert it back).
> IMHO, it is not safely possible to make a conversion to UTF-8 anyway, 
> as balsa/libmutt has no idea about the original charset of the 
> attachment. Using the patch below, an 8-bit attachment will always 
> get "UNKNOWN-
> 8BIT" (which is an IANA registered type, see RFC 1428 and 
> as charset parameter.
> Comments?
> Cheers, Albrecht.
> P.S.: I sent a patch for displaying embedded headers ~a week ago to 
> bugzilla and to the list, but did not get *any* response. It would be 
> really great if someone could have a look at it...

Could you tell me the bugzilla number, I missed your announce and I 
can't find it anymore.

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