Aw: Help files?

> Maybe I am the only Mac PPC Linux user trying to get Balsa 1.4.4 working?

Not really, but I moved to balsa 2 after I got a G4 Silver... Not an option for you!

> Or is it possible to start Balsa without "connection" to the Help files?

Maybe you can just "fake" the help file so balsa/gnome is happy... Try to do the following (I assume you use bash):

* run "strace balsa 2> strace.log" and see balsa crash... strace basically collects all system calls, including open();

* run "grep -i open.*help" strace.log", and you should see something like

open("/opt/gnome/share/gnome/help/balsa/C/topic.dat", O_RDONLY) = 14

(this is an a SuSE 7.2 box, so the path will be different...) You could also look at the complete log (BIG) to see where it actually crashes.

* now (as root) create the directory above, cd to that dir, and say "touch topic.dat" to create the (empty) file. BTW, be sure that the dir and topic.dat are world-readable...

If balsa still crashes, it might be necessary to add a single line like "index.html Help" to topic.dat and touch index.html.

> And as you understand Evolution was too heavy for my 120 MHz, 32 MB RAM
> machine...


Hth, Albrecht.

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