Re: Solved: lost mailbox lock, feature request

>a) it should even be needed as you have the auto-commit feature. *however*
>as far as i can tell from bug reports some imap servers go to great lenghts
>to only commit changes when the user logs out. that means even if you commit
>your changes to the server via the normal imap methods and your connection
>fails the server silently reverts your changes

i see. stupid imap servers. changes should be committed instantly.

>b) yes, it would be very neat to have reconnect as it would enable usefull
>stuff like real offline browsing. however, merging changes back into the
>imap server is Hard.

yes, so its beginning to seem. imap really isnt as brilliant as i thought 
it was.

> > this might particularly be annoying to someone who has an unreliable line
> > and handles lots of emails (like me when im connected via mobile phone and
> > laptop!)
> >
>what imap server are you using ?

wash.U imap. im not in love with it, but i havent found a better 
alternative. (ok cyrus seems great, but ive had no success whatsoever with 
getting it up and running, particularly when it comes to trying to convert 
mailboxes into its own funky format).

incidentally my problems seem to be mostly wu-imap's fault, which 
apparently doesnt like multiple things being done at the same time to the 
same file(s). now im trying to convert my mailboxes to mbx format...

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