Help files?

I am new to the balsa list.
Maybe I am the only Mac PPC Linux user trying to get Balsa 1.4.4 working? :)
The thing is the sgml Doc-book help files.
I managed to compile Balsa without these help files
(and even GnomeCard/ -Cal).
The problem is that Balsa freezes due to no help files in
AND with only 50 MB left on the HD - no place left for Doc_book and Style
Sheet files.
So please can anybody send all the Help pictures and Html files in a ziped
Or is it possible to start Balsa without "connection" to the Help files?

I really would like to have a mail program working! Have struggled for over
a week!
And as you understand Evolution was too heavy for my 120 MHz, 32 MB RAM

Many thanks
Mattias Andersson, Falun
Listen to a Hammond B3 - today!

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