Solved: lost mailbox lock, feature request

ok i believe this is solved.
the problem was, i think, that i have another computer that logs into 
the same imap account, and its sometimes left open and unattended. when 
one was logged in and the other logs in, the first is dropped.
eudora simply doesnt seem to complain about it, and just re-opens the 
connection. balsa complains.

incidentally, wouldnt it be smarter behaviour, that all the "tags" 
(marked deleted, read, moved, etc) should be remembered by balsa until 
they are committed to the imap folders? then if the connection is 
lost/dropped, nothing would be lost, and the connection could simply be 
re-opened where the user left off.

this might particularly be annoying to someone who has an unreliable 
line and handles lots of emails (like me when im connected via mobile 
phone and laptop!)

On 2003.06.03 22:49, Darko Obradovic wrote:
> Am 02.06.2003 13:52 schrieb(en) urgrue:
>> I've even set "Automatically close mailbox if unused" and 
>> "Automatically commit mailbox is unused" both to 1 minute, and it 
>> doesnt seem to help.
>> This has happened to me with every balsa version i ever used (since 
>> 1.0.x until now, at 2.0.11)
> I think the main problem, why you see that with balsa but not Eudora 
> is that balsa uses multiple connections to the server, one for each 
> opened mailbox. The "close in 1 minute" thing solved the problem in 
> most cases for me. This "can't close"-thing happens to me, after 
> having balsa permanently open for a long time (30 minutes?) only.
> Does it happen for you right after starting?
> Darko

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