a problem with message headers

I have a problem with mail I send: when I send mail with "from" address or subject which contains russian characters other programs display them incorrectly.

If I send a mail from one of my mailboxes to another and view it with Balsa - everythin is OK. But when I send a mail and try to view it either through a web-interface or through a program like Outlook Express or The Bat every russian character is converted to a sequence of 2 characters. So, message subjects' as well as "from" field's russian parts become absolutely unreadable.

To be more preciese, my locale is ru_RU.UTF-8 and message encoding is KOI8-R. Now I'm using balsa-2.0.8. As far as I know 2.0.9 is a bugfix release which doesn't contain a fix for this bug.

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