Re: unable to use GnomeCard as address book

Am 2003.12.26 19:16 schrieb(en) Russell L. Harris:
> When composing a message, I have not figured out how to display  
> addresses using the "Address Book" dialogue box in Balsa.  The "Search  
> for Name" data entry box appears to do nothing.
> I have installed GnomeCard, and have entered addresses into GnomeCard.
> The "Run GnomeCard" button in the Balsa "Address Book" dialogue box  
> opens GnomeCard.  The "Re-Import" button appears to do nothing.
> GnomeCard and GnomeCard.gcrd are in the ~/.gnome directory.   
> Regrettably, the "Select path for VCARD address book" dialogue screen  
> does not display hidden directories (is this not a bug?), so the path  
> must be entered manually.
> When entering GnomeCard in the "Balsa Preferences" dialogue box, the  
> "OK" and "Apply" buttons remain dimmed-out.

R you sure the path is correct?

Try the <tab>-completion (just move to your home-dir, wirte ".gnome",  
press <tab> go to .gnome (you will see it now!)the again type GnomeC<tab>  
and you will see all you address-books

If all this is correct vou will see you contacts in File->AddressBook - if  
they aren't there something else must be wrong...


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