Re: building from cvs

On 12/29/2003 11:52:52 AM, Geoffrey Leach wrote:
> I thought I'd make an attempt to resolve some issues I have  
> with 2.0.15, and so attempted to build Balsa from source.  
> Having downloaded from CVS, I tripped over this in libbalsa:
> libbalsa-marshal.c:301: warning: no previous prototype for  
> ...
> Judging from the documentation for g_signal_new(), these  
> typedefs(?) are likely complex beasties, so I'm reluctant to  
> guess at them.  Am I missing something in the download, or do I  
> just need to be calm until they get filled in?
> Thanks.
> Geoffrey

If that was the balsa-2-0 branch, libbalsa_POINTER__INT_POINTER  
should be declared in libbalsa/libbalsa-marshal.h, which depends  
on libbalsa/libbalsa-marshal.list.  You could try removing  
libbalsa/libbalsa-marshal.[ch], and make again.

If it's HEAD, that marshaller isn't used anymore, so you might  
just have a stale libbalsa/libbalsa-marshal.c.  Again, removing  
the generated libbalsa/libbalsa-marshal.[ch] files should clean  
things up.



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