Re: gpg issue: balsa doesn't trust me

Am 13.12.03 20:13 schrieb(en) Kacper Wysocki:
> Balsa will frequently put a yellow padlock on my own messages, where  
> there clearly should be a green one. Oh look, it just happened again:
> "[..]
> Signed by: Kacper Wysocki <>
> Validity: The user ID is of unknown validity.
> Owner trust: unknown
> [..]"
> I fix it by restarting balsa; the trust will again be ultimate and there  
> will be a green padlock, but the same dang thing happens again after a  
> while. I don't know exactly what triggers it. Is there some sort of  
> timeout going on, or some conf parameter that I've missed in balsa and/ 
> or gpg?

I guess you use the balsa 2.0.15 tarball, which in turn needs gpgme  
0.3.14, .15 or .16? This is the result of a strange bug in gpgme 0.3.x.  
After signing a message, gpgme will report each signature trust as  
"unknown". After encrypting or signing and encrypting, the trust level is  
correct again.

The bug has been resolved in gpgme 0.4.3. So you might want to use the cvs  
version of balsa, which you can get using the commands (assuming your  
shell is bash)

cvs login         # (just hit enter as password)
cvs checkout -r balsa-2-0 balsa

Please see and for further  
information about the gpgme changes.

As I added a nasty bug in this release, please be sure to add the patch  
you can find at

Hth, Albrecht.

Albrecht Dreß  -  Johanna-Kirchner-Straße 13  -  D-53123 Bonn (Germany)
      Phone (+49) 228 6199571  -

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