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Am 07.12.03 17:42 schrieb(en) Jean-Luc Coulon (f5ibh):
> I've set the default to PGP sign my mails.
> If I send a mail, I get a popup asking to enter the passphrase.
> If on this popup, I click cancel, I get an other popup telling me that  
> there was an error signing the message.
> Sometimes one of this popup fails to keep the focus because I moved the  
> mouse and I'm fooling out to find it somewhere on the desktop.
> Is it possible to have these error popups to stay on top?

The error messages use the "standard" balsa_information mechanism, which  
means that you can move them to a list window or suppress them completely  
using the prefs dialog. Afaik balsa should take care of always keeping  
these dialogs on top.

I must admit that some other dialogs (passphrase, key selection) are not  
always parented correctly. The reason for that was that they are sometimes  
called from libbalsa which does not know about the main application  
window. I think I will provide a patch which passes it downstream...

Thanks for pointing me to that,


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