Aw: Re: inline gpg signatures?

> I see your point as to the inline stuff, and I think I'll stick with  
> mime signatures. However I know for a fact that at least webmail  
> systems and the OSX mail program show these as attachments. Not that  
> it's an issue..

I didn't try it (as I don't have internet with OS X - doesn't support my Fritz ISDN card), but maybe this link helps you and other OS X users:

> "The message sent by <email address> with subject "<Subject>" contains  
> a "multipart/signed" part, but it's structure is invalid. The  
> signature, if there is any, can not be checked."
> when opening a 'gray padlock' message, but I can see nothing wrong with  
> the message structure itself.

Can you forward me such a message as an attachment (not inlined) to my home mail? Then I could check what's going wrong.

Thanks, Albrecht.

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