Re: inline gpg signatures?

Am 07.12.03 09:45 schrieb(en) Kacper Wysocki:
> I searched the archives for this and found nothing more than vaguely  
> related: Is there a way for balsa to put my gpg signature inline? Then  
> it wouldn't be such a bother to explain to ignorant correspondents what  
> those weird attachments are for.
> Are there any issues with inline gpg signatures that I'm not aware of?

Basically, you have the option to either sign and/or encrypt a complete  
message including all attachments ("mime mode" form the options menu), or  
to sign/encrypt the first text part only ("OpenPGP"). I wrote a  
description which you can find at

Please note that if you OpenPGP sign a message, the recipient having a MUA  
not supporting signing/encryption will not see the confusing attachment,  
but has all the PGP stuff inline (see RFC2440 for an example...), which  
IMHO will be more confusing.



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