Re: "Next unread"

On 12/06/2003 02:20:23 AM, Andreas Schmidt wrote:
> Hi,
> when opening messages for reading in an extra window (double  
> click), this new window has per default the option "Next  
> unread" to cycle through the unread messages. However, once  
> there are no unread messages left the last message shown is  
> opened again and again. Especially when catching up on system- 
> mails from logcheck etc, where the messages often are very  
> similar, that can be confusing.  Don't you think it would be  
> practical to pop up a message like "No unread mails left in  
> this folder" in this case? Just a thought...
> Best regards,
> Andreas

Good point!

In the main window, the "Next unread" menu option and toolbar  
button are made insensitive when there is no remaining unread  
message--perhaps that's what we should do in the message window.


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