the .desktop-file

Hi all,

I've thought a bit about what might be worth being changed for balsa- 
2.2, and concluded that a reworked desktop-file would be nice.

First of all I don't quite understand why balsa is not using a . Would ease translators work a little, so why not  
change it for 2.1? I suggest braking some strings anyways. :)

According to the HIG and some other apps I suggest the attached draft.  
I changed quite a few items, feel free to ask if anything is doubtful.  
What I couldn't find out yet is where the X-GNOME-* - values are  
specified. I could seearch through some other apps and copy them  
accordingley, but I'd prefer a spec. Any ideas?

Off topic: if anyone of the maintainers could take a quick look at bug  
#114041? it's got a nice patch attached and misses some attention. :)


Darko Obradovic

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