Re: colors in mailbox-list

Am 02.08.2003 07:50 schrieb(en) Steffen Klemer:
> But as a user a want to know whether there are unread msgs in a 
> thread or not. Just an Idea, but what about italic-fonts (or because 
> of accessibility: "emphasized" ones) for collapsed trees?
> It would make sense in respect to the other behaviours.

what you suggest makes sense of course, but it's still totally at will, 
unrelated to any other behaviour the user might know or expect. So the 
problem isn't resolvable as easy.
I'd clearly vote to disallow collapsing threads, as that would 
eliminate many many usability problems balsa has. One could argue that 
with a flat index, you can't minimize the number of messages anyways, 
so threading still has an advantage for structuring. But I don't doubt 
many people wouldn't want to miss that feature (that's what I'd expect 
at least), and I have to respect that.

Darko Obradovic

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