Re: ispell

On 2002.09.17 00:53:16 +0100 Paco wrote:
> To be more specific I need to call ispell with something like that in order 
> to work properly with some languages:
> ispell -d /usr/lib/ispell/espa~nol -T latin1

i noticed your locale is ca_ES not es_ES. maybe that's worth investigating,
even though i don't know how the spanish dicts are organized

> I guess that Laurent must do somethink like that (the frensh it's also a 
> sort of latin1 type too right?)
> I took a look at spell-check.c without success
> it'll be nice to share some experience with others about that, cause I 
> can't even make the english speelling to work :-(

if you do have the en_US or en_GB dicts installed that may hint your aspell
isn't installed correctly. otoh, aspell is one of those i things i let
RedHat worry about :)

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