Re: ispell

To be more specific I need to call ispell with something like that in 
order to work properly with some languages:
ispell -d /usr/lib/ispell/espa~nol -T latin1

I guess that Laurent must do somethink like that (the frensh it's also 
a sort of latin1 type too right?)

I took a look at spell-check.c without success

it'll be nice to share some experience with others about that, cause I 
can't even make the english speelling to work :-(

On 2002.09.16 18:29 Paco wrote:
> I just installed balsa 1.4.1, it's working fine for now
> I have always ask myself, what about the ispell support, I can't 
> check the spelling since it was supported....
> I didn't pay to much attention at this in the beginning, cause of my 
> poor knowledge about ispell, but now, I even have a couple of 
> dictionaries and everything, no matter what language I choose, balsa 
> keeps saying "I'm sorry I can't find any suitable word lists for the 
> language-tag "**"."
> Could you guys tell me more or less the part of the code in which 
> balsa calls the ispell, so I can't modify it to meet my system 
> configuration?
> Thanx
> --Paco
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