Re: What is IMAP status for now?

> On 2002.10.15 07:31 Toralf Lund wrote:
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>> There a problem with the way folders are displayed in the current 
>> version - see my message of 24 September. Also, I've made a few changes 
>> that I just can't live without, and submitted them as patches on 
>> Bugzilla, but it looks like nobody wants to apply them ;-/
>> - Toralf
> The display problem is the lack of list-* headers in the initial 
> download, right?
No. I was talking about the problem with special folders. If an IMAP 
mailbox is marked as Inbox/Sentbox/Trash/Draftbox, it will be displayed 
twice in the mailbox list; once in the tree for the server it resides on 
and once in the top level of the list, "outside" all servers. The toplevel 
entry gets the special icon. Balsa does not appear to understand that both 
refer to the same mailbox, so opening using one of the entries, then 
selecting the other means trouble.

>  I believe the only robust fix for that is to add all of them to the 
> list of headers that Balsa requests when opening a folder, which would 
> slow down the opening--and opening an IMAP folder can already take a 
> while!

> If you use the preview window, the whole message is downloaded and 
> displayed by an idle-handler when right-clicked, so the remaining 
> headers become available when the idle-handler has done its thing; 
> however, if you don't use the preview window, that doesn't happen (I 
> believe). Anyway, I don't believe we want to delay popping up the 
> `popup' menu while we retrieve a possible lengthy message.
I've experimented with opening the message before popping up the menu, and 
I don't notice the slow-down in most cases, but it's not an ideal solution 
of course.

Maybe it would be possible to update the List menu after the menu has been 
popped up (so you would have to wait for the List entry to become active 
rather than wait for the popup itself)... Or perhaps that would be very 

> Perhaps we could add a method for retrieving the full set of headers for 
> a list of messages (i.e., the messages selected in the index).
I think that would be very useful.

>  I don't know enough about libmutt to judge the feasibility of that
I had a brief look at the code, but it wasn't immediately obvious (to me, 
at least) how this might be done.

> --and even that might delay the popup unacceptably.
> Peter
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