Re: What is IMAP status for now?

On 2002.10.15 07:31 Toralf Lund wrote:
[ snip ]
> There a problem with the way folders are displayed in the 
> current version - see my message of 24 September. Also, I've 
> made a few changes that I just can't live without, and 
> submitted them as patches on Bugzilla, but it looks like nobody 
> wants to apply them ;-/
> - Toralf

The display problem is the lack of list-* headers in the initial 
download, right?  I believe the only robust fix for that is to 
add all of them to the list of headers that Balsa requests when 
opening a folder, which would slow down the opening--and opening 
an IMAP folder can already take a while! 
If you use the preview window, the whole message is downloaded 
and displayed by an idle-handler when right-clicked, so the 
remaining headers become available when the idle-handler has done 
its thing; however, if you don't use the preview window, that 
doesn't happen (I believe). Anyway, I don't believe we want to 
delay popping up the `popup' menu while we retrieve a possible 
lengthy message.

Perhaps we could add a method for retrieving the full set of 
headers for a list of messages (i.e., the messages selected in 
the index).  I don't know enough about libmutt to judge the 
feasibility of that--and even that might delay the popup 


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