Re: Balsa questions, feature requests, and a couple of bugs

On 2002.10.20 19:31 Christopher Culver wrote:
[ encoding requests snipped ]
> And I have some questions here:
> * How do I disable showing messages as threads? When I have 
> ~250 messages back and forth with a person, showing it as a 
> thread instead of a straightforward listing is something of an 
> eyesore.

`View -> Flat index' for changing the current display, or 
`Settings -> Preferences -> Display -> Threading -> Flat' for a 
permanent change.

> * Will the maintainers be moving to automatic updating of 
> mailboxes instead of having to close a mailbox and reopen after 
> trashing or moving messages?

`Mailbox -> Commit' Current probably does what you're looking 
for. There have been other requests for automatic `commit'ing, 
say every x minutes, but I don't know whether it's scheduled for 

> Finally, I'm observing the following bugs here on my Gentoo 
> Linux system. I know I should go to, but it 
> intimidates me.
> * Ctrl-S does not save a message in the Compose window, one has 
> to go up to the "Save" button at the top.

It seems that's not a bug--there's no key combo for `File -> 
Save'--perhaps there should be!

> * Let's say that you write a message in the body of the Compose 
> window. Then, you go to put a subject. However, you mistakenly 
> put the subject in the Cc: field instead of the Subject: field. 
> If you highlight the content of the Cc: menu, you can't copy 
> the text within. If you try to use Ctrl-C, the highlighting 
> disappears as soon as you tap Ctrl. The Cc: field won't accept 
> focus for doing anything with the text within.

Yes, those address-entry fields have their own quirky 
conventions--completion from an address book seemed worth the 
price. You can always copy highlighted text with the center mouse 
button, of course...

> Anyway, Balsa's a great program, I'm pretty happy with it so 
> far.

Glad you like it--help us make it better!

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