Balsa questions, feature requests, and a couple of bugs

I am a long time Sylpheed user who switched over to Balsa 2.0.2 last 
week. The Sylpheed maintainers aren't too interested in moving to GTK2 
and Pango anytime soon, which makes the program difficult to use for 
those who deal with a lot of languages in a single e-mail. GTK2-based 
programs seem better in this regard. However, I have the following 
feature requests:

* Instead of having to pick a specific language under the "Language" 
menu in the Compose window, could just "Unicode (UTF-8)" be added to 
the list? I prefer to have all my mail go out as UTF-8. It would be 
nice also to have an "Outgoing Charset" option under Preferences, 
defaulted to "Automatic", that can be changed to UTF-8 for those who 
want all mail to go out as UTF-8 without having to select that every 

* Could the maintainers please add "Esperanto" to the list of  
languages? We use UTF-8 for encoding of messages that use the Esperanto 
letters ĉ, ĝ, ĥ, ĵ, ŝ and ŭ. While Latin-3 encoding was popular 
years ago, Esperantists now either use UTF-8 to display the letters 
with circumflexes, or just use ASCII and put "x" after a letter to mark 
the circumflex. Thus, you can be sure that making UTF-8 the charset for 
Esperanto won't cause any problems.

And I have some questions here:

* How do I disable showing messages as threads? When I have ~250 
messages back and forth with a person, showing it as a thread instead 
of a straightforward listing is something of an eyesore.

* Will the maintainers be moving to automatic updating of mailboxes 
instead of having to close a mailbox and reopen after trashing or 
moving messages?

Finally, I'm observing the following bugs here on my Gentoo Linux 
system. I know I should go to, but it intimidates me.

* Ctrl-S does not save a message in the Compose window, one has to go 
up to the "Save" button at the top.

* Let's say that you write a message in the body of the Compose window. 
Then, you go to put a subject. However, you mistakenly put the subject 
in the Cc: field instead of the Subject: field. If you highlight the 
content of the Cc: menu, you can't copy the text within. If you try to 
use Ctrl-C, the highlighting disappears as soon as you tap Ctrl. The 
Cc: field won't accept focus for doing anything with the text within.

Anyway, Balsa's a great program, I'm pretty happy with it so far.

Christopher Culver <>

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