Re: (no subject)

On 2002.10.15 10:23 Shmyrev wrote:
>> Could you send a patch? Perhaps to Bugzilla?
> This is so simple,  to patch balsa-mblist.c. Will you do it 
> yourself.
[ snip ]

But does it do anything? That code is in 
bmbl_store_add_mbnode()--is the mailbox ever open when it's 
called?  Also, if we're showing message counts, we need to make 
sure they're kept current, which may call for some wider changes.

> >Perhaps this is obvious, do you *know* that the Inbox
> > isn't being opened? Do you have notebook tabs visible?
> > (View->Show mailbox tabs)
> Sorry fo little missundestanding with this question. I mean 
> that inbox, of course is opened, but not selected on startup, 
> as I wish checking option from prefs. Putting printf in sources 
> I get such sequnce of function calls:
> open_mailboxes_idle_cb
>  (starts threads)
>       notebook_switch_page_cb (invoked by thread)
> initial_open_inbox (in)

Have you selected `Remember open mailboxes between sessions', as 
well as `Open inbox upon startup'? If so, what you're seeing is a 
feature: the first mailbox you see in one session is the last one 
you opened in the previous one--you wouldn't want it any other 
way, would you?

>> Yes, I believe there's a signalling problem there.
> Should I post a bug?

By all means--that always helps to focus people's attention!  
BTW, the failure to update the total message count on Outbox is 
an example of what I mentioned above--not keeping message counts 
current.  Moving messages around by applying filters has the same 


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