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Hello. First of all I want to say, that I like balsa. I use it with Gnome2
and I think, that it is very  good mail client. But I have some
suggestions/questions/bugs.  I talk about balsa-2.0.2 and BALSA_2 from CVS.

1. About encodings. I can recieve mail in any encoding, and mostly I use
utf-8. I can recieve messages? which doesnt contain encoding
informaition(from shell command mail).
   a)  Why I can't send messages in UTF?
   b)  Why I can choose encoding, but my choice is lost on the next sturtup.
   c)  Why I can't choose encoding of letter body myself? (I know, it is
hard because of using libmutt, but it is highly  requered).

2. (Maybe, reply to John Mellor's letter).
 The mail count in mblist doesn't look pretty. Some mailboxes open on
startup, some does not. I read about balsa design for slow mailboxes. But
what mail counter needs for, when it is not shown. Moreover, when mailbox
opens on sturtup, counter does not displayed too. This is code from balsa

   gtk_tree_store_set(store, iter,
                       MBNODE_COLUMN, mbnode,
                           (GTK_WIDGET(balsa_app.main_window), in,
                            GTK_ICON_SIZE_MENU, NULL),
                       NAME_COLUMN,   name,
                       COLOR_COLUMN,  NULL,
                       WEIGHT_COLUMN, PANGO_WEIGHT_NORMAL,
                       UNREAD_COLUMN, "",
                       TOTAL_COLUMN,  "",

Can you replace it by code like this.

if (mailbox->open_ref && (mailbox->total_messages >= 0)) {
        if (mailbox->total_messages > 0) {
            text = g_strdup_printf("%ld", mailbox->total_messages);
            gtk_tree_store_set(GTK_TREE_STORE(model), iter,
                               TOTAL_COLUMN, text, -1);

            mbnode->style |= MBNODE_STYLE_TOTAL_MESSAGES;
        } else {

3. Bug with Inbox does not open on startup. As I know (this may be wrong),
this bug is not corrected. I have this bug too. I looked sources, but
couldn't understend problem. I only know that functions is called in such
(I have options Remember open mailboxes and Open Inbox upon startup)

  notebook_switch_page_cb !!!!
  notebook_switch_page_cb !!!!

4. At last. Mail outgoing mailbox mail counter does not updated, when mail
is sent and moved to sentbox. The sentbox receives signal "mesage-new" from
libbalsa, but outbox doesn't recieve "message-delete".

 Thanks for paying attention.

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