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On 2002.10.13 16:59 Shmyrev wrote:
> Hello. First of all I want to say, that I like balsa. I use it 
> with Gnome2 and I think, that it is very  good mail client. But 
> I have some suggestions/questions/bugs.  I talk about 
> balsa-2.0.2 and BALSA_2 from CVS.
> 1. About encodings.
[ snipped ]

> 2. (Maybe, reply to John Mellor's letter).
>  The mail count in mblist doesn't look pretty. Some mailboxes 
> open on startup, some does not. I read about balsa design for 
> slow mailboxes. But what mail counter needs for, when it is not 
> shown. Moreover, when mailbox opens on sturtup, counter does 
> not displayed too. This is code from balsa mblist.c:1196.
[ code snipped ]

Could you send a patch? Perhaps to Bugzilla?

> 3. Bug with Inbox does not open on startup.

Perhaps this is obvious, do you *know* that the Inbox 
isn't being opened? Do you have notebook tabs visible? 
(View->Show mailbox tabs)

> 4. At last. Mail outgoing mailbox mail counter does not 
> updated, when mail is sent and moved to sentbox. The sentbox 
> receives signal "mesage-new" from libbalsa, but outbox doesn't 
> recieve "message-delete".

Yes, I believe there's a signalling problem there.

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