Re: What is IMAP status for now?

On Tue, 2002-10-15 at 13:07, Peter Bloomfield wrote:
> Iirc the libmutt imap parser failed with embedded spaces in one 
> particular place (parsing the CAPABILITIES?), and only with 
> certain flavors of server (probably Cyrus!)--anyway, it's been 
> fixed for a while.  Spaces in folder names aren't causing me any 
> more problems--could you experiment with them, without wrecking 
> your folder tree?
The problem I had was not related to spaces, as I don't have spaces in
folder names.
Also the message wasn't moved from another folder. It is a message
composed by Balsa, which has to be saved in sentbox on IMAP server.
The IMAP server I use is Cyrus.



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