A few questions from a new user


I seem to have stuffed up my balsa installation -

I started with RH 7.2 but didn't use it much, then upgrared to RH7.3 
and updated balsa to 1.4.1, and now RH8.0 and upgraded to balsa 2.0.3, 
all the while not paying much attention to balsa works, but now I've 
accumulated some problems

-	The help doesn't work at all. I know it worked once, and now I 
still seem to have the actual help files (I can read them) but they 
don't come up with the help button. Is there a separate help rpm that I 
need ?
-	I can't set up an address book because GnomeCard doesn't ever 
run. I don't have an installed rpm called GnomeCard, what am I missing 
here ?
-	Is GPG integrated with balsa ? will it ever be ?

I also have a question/suggestion :

I use two dial up ISPs, and I'm paranoid so I don't want them to know 
about each other (e.g in case I they spam the mail box on the other 
ISP, or just because I don't want them to know). I want to set up balsa 
so that when I'm dialled into one ISP it doesn't collect mail from the 
other etc. I guess I could do this by creating separate balsa profile 
under the .gnome directory, and writing a script to swap them over as 
required.... but is there a better way ? and am I asking for trouble ?


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