Re: A few questions from a new user

> Hi
> I seem to have stuffed up my balsa installation -
> I started with RH 7.2 but didn't use it much, then upgrared to RH7.3 and 
> updated balsa to 1.4.1, and now RH8.0 and upgraded to balsa 2.0.3, all 
> the while not paying much attention to balsa works, but now I've 
> accumulated some problems
> -	The help doesn't work at all. I know it worked once, and now I 
> still seem to have the actual help files (I can read them) but they 
> don't come up with the help button. Is there a separate help rpm that I 
> need ?
You need a correct handler config for "ghelp" in GNOME config + the actual 
application set up for these URLs, I think. I'm not on Red Hat 8.0 (or 
GNOME 2 in general) right now, though, so I can't check how exactly this 

> -	I can't set up an address book because GnomeCard doesn't ever run. 
> I don't have an installed rpm called GnomeCard, what am I missing here ?
The RPM is called gnome-pim. Unfortunately, there hasn't been a lot of 
development on this app lately, and I'm not sure if Red Hat even includes 
it in the distribution anymore.

> -	Is GPG integrated with balsa ? will it ever be ?
> I also have a question/suggestion :
> I use two dial up ISPs, and I'm paranoid so I don't want them to know 
> about each other (e.g in case I they spam the mail box on the other ISP, 
> or just because I don't want them to know). I want to set up balsa so 
> that when I'm dialled into one ISP it doesn't collect mail from the 
> other etc. I guess I could do this by creating separate balsa profile 
> under the .gnome directory, and writing a script to swap them over as 
> required.... but is there a better way ? and am I asking for trouble ?
I don't think there is anything in Balsa to support this setup.

- Toralf

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