Re: Problem with FccMRU

On Tue, 19 Nov 2002 16:39:59 Peter Bloomfield wrote:
>> at some point we started refering to mailboxes using their url instead
>> of their name to avoid unfortunate mixups. i think this was post 1.4.1
>> though. what was your old and new version ?

My old version was 1.3.6. I can't remember when I switched, and I'm not 
sure that the problem started when I switched - even though that would be 
the most logical.

> 1.4.0 and 1.4.1 both use the mailbox's url to identify it, but without 
> the user-name in IMAP urls. I'm puzzled by the problem, though. 
> "Sentbox" isn't a url, and iirc that FccMRU section has always used 
> urls, so it's not clear to me how "Sentbox" got in there!

I dint change anything in those settings for several years, so perhaps the 
convertion of old entries to URLs is to blame?

> However, when the list is used, any invalid url is simply ignored, and 
> the url in MRU2 should be the initial setting in the Fcc widget. Martin, 
> do you have `Show -> Fcc' checked, and if so, what does it display when 
> the config contains the offending lines?

I dint, I guess thats why I never saw that there was something wrong. If I 
put the defect "Fcc" entry back and switch it on it shows 3 entries: 
Sentbox, "blank", Folder (allowing me to select any folder) - the entry 
"Sentbox" is shown as selected.

Now that I switched the 'Show -> Fcc' on I also noticed that the "Fcc" 
lines shows exactly the same without the defect "Fcc" entry in the config 
file!? In fact Balsa adds the exact same entry to my config when I exit!! 
Meaning that the next time I start Balsa up it doesn't save my messages in 
sentbox again! Argh. If I manually edit the file to contain:


Balsa shows the same "Fcc" selector, but saves the following entry:

This seems to be working.. 
Any clues? It seems to me that when Balsa has to guess the right FccMRU 
entry from scratch it gets the "Sentbox" entry from somewhere, but when an 
existing FccMRU is there it keeps it.

> Is the MRU2 reference your  designated sentbox?


Regards Martin Leopold.
Dept. of Computer Science, University of Copenhagen

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