Re: Simplification of preferences

> Am 2002.11.14 11:18 schrieb(en) M. Thielker:
>> Hello,
> [snip]
>> Besides, in a Mozilla-style tree view controlled dialog, we could 
>> fit even more prefs easily and with much better organizations. 
>> Restructuring what we have is, in my Opinion the best way to do 
>> this. That includes moving options to different categories, possibly 
>> combining, as in the case of IMAP, several options into one easy 
>> setting, but not dropping options completely.
> Like I said yesterday, trees are considered a bad idea for new user.
> Sure we can now say who cares for new users, but...
> I had a short look into some guidelines (not yet the whole HIG) and 
> saw that a List (like in nautilus) is prefered when there would be to 
> many tabs.
> And I'm sure a complete redesign of the pref-window (with new groups, 
> some Prefs less) would also help a lot.
> But at the weekend I have more time to look at that deeply.
> Some suggestions in the meantime:
Note that I just submitted a patch that implements *some* of this on 
thread "HTML support (was Re: Simplification of preferences)"

Please test & comment!

- Toralf

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