Greetings all.

LibESMTP is now considered stable and version 1.0 is released!  There is a 
minor tweak to the configure script and a memory reference after free bug is 
fixed.  Please refer to NEWS and ChangeLog in the tarballs for more detail.

All and sundry are urged to upgrade to version 1.0

The tarball is available at 


Extract from the ChangeLog

2002-11-09 Stable Version 1.0 released
2002-11-09 	Brian Stafford	<>
       	All version 1.0 features enabled by default.
	--enable-isoc now sets -std=c99 instead of -ansi

       * headers.c
	Added missing check for NULL pointer in destroy_header_table.
	Reversed order of freeing header structures and hash table to
	avoid referencing freed memory. (Wally Yau)

2002-06-24 	Brian Stafford	<>
       * smtp-etrn.c
	Compilation fails with `./configure --enable-more-warnings=picky
	--disable-etrn'.  Added missing __attribute__ ((unused)) markers
	to offending function arguments to avoid this.

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