Patch: Add English-Language Thesaurus

Hi Balsa Team,

Here is a patch that adds Aiksaurus into Balsa's message composer.  Aiksaurus 
is an English-language thesaurus library (GPL) with a nice GTK interface.   
Aiksaurus was originally written for AbiWord, but it is a generic library so 
other projects can use it to.

In particular, the patch adds a "Thesaurus" item to the Edit menu, or else 
you can hit Shift+F7 to activate it (like in MS Word).

I've put a screenshot here:

And the patch itself is here:

If you are interested in testing the patch, you will need to first download 
and install Aiksaurus (core) and AiksaurusGTK from  There 
are RPMs available and also source packages.  The source packages aren't bad 
and if you can compile balsa (which took me awhile :) then you'll certainly 
have no trouble with them.

Right now, the patch does not interfere with the build system.  I don't know 
automake/autoconf very well, so I hope someone else can do this.  Right now, 
you can make it work by adding -lAiksaurus and -lAiksaurusGTK to 
src/ under the balsa_LDADD section.  Also, the thesaurus only 
supports English.  I don't know what should be done for non-english stuff.

I've tested it out and it seems to work fine for everything i've thrown at 
it.  I don't know if it handles the threading situation correctly or not.  

Please let me know if you have any questions, etc.   Enjoy!


Love all, serve all.

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