Re: [BUG REPORT] balsa crashes upon receiving new mail

On 13.03.02 10:52 Carlos Morgado wrote:
> ok, this is much better than before :) i think this can be traced 
> directly
> to the mbox index being rebuilt and bindex (UI) not being notified. i'm 
> curious about *why* this hapens though as this is one of those things
> that should afect a lot of people. only reason for this to happen i can
> think of is libmutt fastclosing and reopening the mailbox from under us.
> can you print *message at this point ?

Ok, I now traced the problem a little further, it turned out to be a 
classic case of PEBKAC ;) Please remind me to never hack .procmailrc at 
odd hours of the night, it's always bad news! Oddly enough, I had two bad 
procmail recipes, mail was being delivered to <maildir>/cur instead of 
<maildir>/new. Even more oddly, out of 80 something different mailboxes 
with correct procmail recipes, those were the _two_ mailboxes I had 
opened, which made balsa crash. But, since I fixed .procmailrc, 
everything is kosher, no more crashes. Someone hand me the brown paper 
bag, please 8) *sigh*

>> First, Balsa is not properly updating the Unread Messages count, in 
>> the mailboxes pane. If I open a mailbox with 100 unread messages, 
>> it'll stay at 100, unless I either (a) close and re-open that mailbox 
>> or (b) read (or mark as read) _ALL_ the messages.
> atm that's cosmetic iirc. important is bindex gets correctly updated. 
> doesn't it ?

Yes, its merely cosmetic, bindex gets updated correctly, everything works 
as expected, just the unread message count wont budge. That hurts my 
aesthetic taste somewhat, but it's something I can definitely live with 8)

>> Secondly, there is some misbehave in the dynamic signature changing, 
>> when cruising through different identities. I have an identity whose 
>> signature is a perl script that spews out random quotes. It works fine 
>> of course, but if I try to change to another identity afterwards, the 
>> signature wont change. This only happen with 'executable' signatures, 
>> If they are plain
> ok, sounds pretty easy to fix, i hope :)

Great 8)

Anyhow, I have (yet) two more things I think are worth mentioning. I 
recall someone referring to this one in the list, a while ago - if I open 
a message in a new window, and if the headers are somewhat lengthy (large 
to: or cc: list), there will be quite a few lines of blank space at the 
bottom of the headers pane. However, if I resize the window or if I 
switch between full and selected headers mode, those lines will go away. 
Again, this is merely cosmetic, it doesnt hurt anything.

And the second case happens in threaded view. In a thread with a couple 
of messages nested in several layers, expanded (^E) to view the full 
tree, when I double click any message that has some more messages nested 
below it, they will all be collapsed from that point. It shouldn't be, 

Thanks again 8)


   -- nuno

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