Re: [BUG REPORT] balsa crashes upon receiving new mail

On 2002.03.13 00:44:41 +0000 Nuno Monteiro wrote:
> Hi guys,
> I reported this over the weekend, I think it went unnoticed, so I'll just 
> nag you again ;)
> Ever since I upgraded to 1.3.3 cvs (which happened over the weekend, when 
> Pawel fixed the _N / TRUE / FALSE clash), I have been able to successfully 
> crash balsa just by receiving email via POP3. I just cvs update'd to see if 
> there was any changing in that front, and indeed there is. Previously, 
> Balsa would crash if there was any mail to be delivered to any of the 
> mailboxes I had opened at the time, I mean, it checked all accounts just 
> fine, download the mail, and then when the popup window was reading "Local 
> mail", it crashed. With today's CVS (as of around 22:00 GMT march 12th),

ok, this is couldn't reproduce. i probably tested after pawel's update

> the behaviour is a little different - I check my  mail, there are messages 
> delivered to mailboxes I have opened but Balsa doesnt crash, instead it 
> doesnt show those new messages in the index, and while on that state, it 
> will crash if I try to open any message (double click on it, to open in a 
> separate window). If I close and re-open the mailbox, it'll work as 
> expected. The GDB trace is as follows:
ok, this is much better than before :) i think this can be traced directly
to the mbox index being rebuilt and bindex (UI) not being notified. i'm 
curious about *why* this hapens though as this is one of those things
that should afect a lot of people. only reason for this to happen i can
think of is libmutt fastclosing and reopening the mailbox from under us.

> Program received signal SIGSEGV, Segmentation fault.
> 0x80b5f8c in libbalsa_message_is_multipart (message=0x82fd870) at 
> message.c:898
> 898         return msg_header->content->type == TYPEMULTIPART;
> (gdb) bt
> #0  0x80b5f8c in libbalsa_message_is_multipart (message=0x82fd870)
>     at message.c:898

can you
print *message at this point ?

> As stated previously, all the mailboxes are Maildir type, and mail is 
> filtered through procmail upon receiving.
hum, could procmail be radically changing the maildir ? as in changing
the indexes ? or even touching dirs other than new/ ?

> Ok, that one is reported, but there's two other things I feel are worth 
> mentioning:
> First, Balsa is not properly updating the Unread Messages count, in the 
> mailboxes pane. If I open a mailbox with 100 unread messages, it'll stay at 
> 100, unless I either (a) close and re-open that mailbox or (b) read (or 
> mark as read) _ALL_ the messages.

atm that's cosmetic iirc. important is bindex gets correctly updated. doesn't
it ?

> Secondly, there is some misbehave in the dynamic signature changing, when 
> cruising through different identities. I have an identity whose signature 
> is a perl script that spews out random quotes. It works fine of course, but 
> if I try to change to another identity afterwards, the signature wont 
> change. This only happen with 'executable' signatures, If they are plain

ok, sounds pretty easy to fix, i hope :)

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