Re: Compile Problem: _N/TRUE/FALSE Conflict in libmutt

Dnia 2002.03.10 19:28 Julian M Catchen napisał(a):
> The patch does not apply cleanly to balsa 1.3.3.  It messes up when 
> it tries to patch libbalsa/pop3.c.  It tries to move the header 
> #include "md5.h" down several lines, and this has already been done 
> in 1.3.3.  It is trivial to fix.
> I am not getting the _N/TRUE/FALSE errors anymore, but now I am 
> getting an error because I am missing the header file "gdbm.h".  Can 
> anyone tell me where this is from?

gdbm-devel is what you need. there is not configure test for it because 
I had (wrong, as it turns out) impression that gnome requires it 
(clearly, it can do without it).

GDBM is used for persistent IMAP caching but I do not like it very much 
(or rather the way we use it). I have considered reimplementing it with 
just plain files (and directory search for searching) but I am not sure 
if this would be an efficient solution (Basically, it would be a 
maildir like cache). Opinions? (of course, persistent IMAP caching 
should be an option, IMO).


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