Re: Compile Problem: _N/TRUE/FALSE Conflict in libmutt

On 10/03/02 13:25 Pawel Salek wrote:
> Can you please verify whether the attached patch fixes the problem for 
> you?
> -pawel


Just wanted to throw in a Me Too (tm). I can now build 1.3.3 with 
-Werror, handn't been able since 1.3.2. However, now I run into a 
different problem: everytime I check my POP3 mail, if there is a msg to 
be delivered to any of the folders I have open at that moment, Balsa will 
crash. It crashes _after_ it has fetched mail from all pop3 accounts, 
when the "Local mail" window should appear - it just freezes, and stays 
freezed, I  have to manually signal balsa with -TERM or -KILL. There's no 
core, so I cant provide much more info at the time. I'll run it thru gdb 
and keep you posted. Oh, and btw, incoming mail is filtered using


Ok, I just built a non threaded version to try to debug this further. I
got this:

Program received signal SIGSEGV, Segmentation fault.
0x80bd069 in libbalsa_message_get_subject (msg=0x82d4580) at 
1032            return msg->header->env->subject;
(gdb) bt
#0  0x80bd069 in libbalsa_message_get_subject (msg=0x82d4580) at 
#1  0x806c31d in subject_gather (node=0x83fd9f4, subject_table=0x83ae188)
     at balsa-index-threading.c:698
#2  0x40de155c in g_slist_foreach () from /usr/lib/
#3  0x56570cec in ?? ()
Cannot access memory at address 0x83e58955

Its easily reproducible, I just have to send a message to myself and have 
Inbox open. I'm using maildir type mailboxes, if it helps.

On a side note, theres some other thing which, I think, is not quite 
right - Balsa is not properly updating the unread messages count, in the 
mailboxes frame. I open a mailbox, lets say I have 100 unread messages, 
and as I read them, the counter is never uptaded. It'll stay at 100 until 
I either close and reopen that mailbox, or until there are no unread 
messages left.


   -- nuno

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