Re: Compile Problem: _N/TRUE/FALSE Conflict in libmutt

On 2002.03.10 04:17 Julian M Catchen wrote:
> Hey Everyone,
> I am trying to compile Balsa 1.3.3 and am encountering the following 
> error:
> In file included from ../libmutt/mutt.h:872,
>                  from libbalsa_private.h:25,
>                  from mailbox.c:32:
> I seem to remember someone else having this problem but couldn't find 
> the message in the mail archive (does search ever work?).  Anyway, I 
> am running a Debian Testing system, can anyone tell me how to get 
> around this problem?

There at least two other people experiencing this king of problem. 
Information that may help to resolve it includes:

1. the gcc command line leading to this error (gcc [lots of flags] 
mailbox.c): the problem may be on autoconf side.
2. output of gcc -E [lots of flags] mailbox.c (run for example gcc -E 
[lots of flags] mailbox.c > prepr.c): the problem may depend on the 
system headers.

Note that you should be able to compile the preprocessed file (gcc -c 
prepr.c) without any error.


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