Suggestion Re: Balsa crash causes old mail to reappear

how about "commit automatically every X minutes"
for people like me, who leave balsa on in the background all day (and 
would rather not have the boxes automatically close after X minutes).

also, when deleting a mail, would it be wise/possible to have balsa 
return control to the user immediately after (for example) deleting a 
message? some of my mailboxes are huge and it takes quite a while after 
pressing D for balsa to "stop thinking".

i think it was eudora where i saw there was a "task window" at the 
bottom of the screen where all activity was listed, but control of the 
app was never "paused" while a task was going on. it would just report 
success or failure in the task window. i like that.

[ snip ]
> Balsa keeps the MailBoxes open until you explicit close it, because 
> the speed is much better if you handle the box in memory then on the 
> disk.
> There are 2 possibilities to solve your problem:
> 1) Mailbox->"Commit all" to say balsa it should save this state or
> 2) Prefereces->Misc->Delete immediately

You can also use Settings->preferences->Misc to auto-close unused 
mailboxes, which includes committing changes.
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