Re: Balsa crash causes old mail to reappear

Am 2002.03.08 04:46 schrieb(en) Kremit:
   > Hello.
   > I am new to the Balsa mailing list, but I will get straight to my
   > bug/question:
   >   > I usually leave Balsa running all day (out of habit, and because 
   > uses this computer other than myself). I usually receive about 40 email
   > messages a day or so, and most of it gets deleted after it is read
   > (replies to mailing lists, server log updates, etc.). Anyways... every
   > so often, Balsa will crash, and I will simply re-open balsa... to find
   > about 300 messages in my email box that were days old, even though I 
   > deleted them already. Also, all of the email I have sent out gets
   > reverted back to the outbox, so when I send a new message, the old
   > messages that were already sent get sent out AGAIN. I am guessing that
   > either balsa is having problems locking/unlocking my mail files (spool,
   > sentbox, outbox, trash, etc.), or that balsa only moves/deletes mail
   > from the mail folders when you close the program itself (therefore, if
   > it crashes, nothing happens to the mail that you have deleted or 
   >   > Has anyone seen this problem and/or know of a way to fix it?

Balsa keeps the MailBoxes open until you explicit close it, because the 
speed is much better if you handle the box in memory then on the disk.

There are 2 possibilities to solve your problem:

1) Mailbox->"Commit all" to say balsa it should save this state or
2) Prefereces->Misc->Delete immediately

-->hope this helps!


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