1.3.x Less stable?

Hi all,

I'm not sure if it just my setups (I have 1.3.2/3 running on three 
computers) but they all seem to be less stable than before.  The main 
problem is the screen locking up (requiring a process kill) and it 
seems to happen mostly after I have been deleting items but some times 
it happens when I am starting the program - I get nothing on the screen 
and I have to go and kill the balsa processes and restart the progra,.

Love the program though . .


Philip Rhoades

Pricom Pty Limited  (ACN  003 252 275)
GPO Box 3411
Sydney NSW	2001
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Fax:  +61:2:8923-5363
E-mail:  pri@chu.com.au

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